Resolving Pet Arrangements After Separation Birmingham

July 5, 2023

Resolving Pet Arrangements After Separation with Aspire Family Mediation

Divorce or separation is a difficult time for everyone involved, and even more so when pets are in the picture. When a couple decides to end a relationship, it’s not only about dividing up shared assets, it’s also about working out who gets custody of the pets. This can be a highly emotional topic, especially if both partners have strong feelings for their furry friends. In such cases, Aspire Family Mediation in Birmingham can offer a helping hand to couples struggling to navigate pet arrangements post-separation.

What is Aspire Family Mediation?

Aspire Family Mediation is a team of experienced mediators that offer support throughout the difficult process of separation. They provide a range of services to assist families through various disputes, including post-separation pet arrangements. Unlike court proceedings where a judge decides who gets what, mediation offers a less formal approach that allows both parties to be heard and come to decisions that work best for all involved.

Benefits of Using Aspire Family Mediation for Pet Arrangements

Professional mediators from Aspire Family Mediation are skilled in handling different separation disputes, including pet arrangements. By working with Aspire, you and your ex-partner can find solutions and arrangements that work best for you both, and in the best interests of your pets. By using a mediator from Aspire Family Mediation, you can also enjoy cost savings, compared to engaging a solicitor, and avoid lengthy court proceedings.

How Mediation Works For Pet Arrangements

Pet arrangements can be agreed upon through mediation by establishing an agreement that works for both parties. As mediators, Aspire Family Mediation Birmingham will address all concerns of each partner separately and then work together to find a resolution that includes arrangements for the pet regarding ownership, visitation, and the sharing of costs of ownership post-separation. The process minimizes potential conflicts and stresses while ensuring the pet’s wellbeing is at the forefront of all negotiations.

Aspire Family Mediation Birmingham Can Help

Separation and pet ownership can be a complex matter, affecting everyone involved. Engaging professional mediators from Aspire Family Mediation in Birmingham offers a cost-effective and less formal approach aimed at finding a workable solution for all concerned, including your furry friends. Mediation is a process focused on finding the most suitable solution and works in the best interest of everyone involved. So, if you and your ex-partner have considered working out a solution for your beloved pets, it may be worth working with Aspire Family Mediation. Contact us today.