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Low cost. Many couples remark on the low cost of mediation compared with other legal methods of reconciliation.

The mediation procedure is revealed to both parties at the outset. Moreover, each partner can opt out of mediation if they choose to do so.


Mediators are certified and trained to undertake mediation. They are able to deal with specific issues that may arise in your mediation.
Children are often emotionally involved with separation and divorce and mediation has not forgotten these, most important, people in your lives.

Mediators are trained to meet with children involved and discuss the mediation procedure with them. Child inclusive mediation works really well for other family members as a child can have their point of view heard.

Resolve disputes safely when when children are involved and book your MIAMS today.

In addition, mediation is a very appropriate, and adult, way for you and your partner to consider issues involving children. Grandparents can also be involved as part of the mediation process. Family mediation is truly an inclusive process where you can resolve conflicts with your ex partner that everyone should consider.

Child inclusive mediation can be accessed via legal aid. We can assess you to see if you are applicable. Resolve disputes and book your mediation sessions and avoid court proceedings. Children involved in disputes can be included in the mediation process. This is undertaken by an independent mediator that always has the best interests of your child at the heart of the process.

Mediation sessions are most cost effective approach to resolving disputes comparable to court proceedings.


We often hear in the news about the massive legal bills which celebrity couples incur when they separate.

Although these couples typically have large fortunes most of us have more modest budgets. However, even those celebrities could save on their legal bills if they were to consider a more sensible solution.

You maybe concerned at being in the same room as your ex partner you could take advantage of shuttle mediation where you can be in separate rooms or indeed different spaces on a zoom call. Mediation gives more control to the couples in question and they are able with the help of the family mediator to resolve their disputes.

Mediation is a word that you hear less often in celebrity divorces, but it is an essential part of the process for all couples.

Our Mediation service in Luton can be explained simply as a process of negotiation between two parties.

Although your relationship with your partner may have broken down, you still have the ability to reach a negotiated solution.

Family Mediation services allows you to reach this decision on your own terms, and at a fraction of the cost of legal means. The first part of mediation is to sit down with each party and have a conversation about whether mediation is an acceptable solution.

If this is the case, the next step is to organise a series of mediation meetings. These meetings will involve discussion of issues where the parties have not yet made an agreement.

This can cover issues such as children, property and finances. Finally, the couple make a mutually agreed decision which is agreed upon with the help of the mediator.