Why Us ?

At Aspire, we offer a professional and confidential service to take you through the process so that you remain in control.

why us

Why us at Aspire Family Mediation?

Whether you are getting divorced or separated, it can be a very stressful time for both parties, and any children, or extended family, that are involved. At Aspire, we offer a professional and confidential service to take you through the process so that you remain in control. There are many reasons to choose an Aspire service for your divorce or separation:-

FMC Registered mediators

Our mediators are approved by the FMC (Family Mediation Council) the professional body for mediation in the United Kingdom.

FMC members follow an established code of practice in their work and take part in regular training and continuous professional development (CPD) activities as a natural part of their work.

This means that you can trust Aspire mediators to offer a nationally recognised, professional service. We are happy to share details of our accreditation with you.


Mediation is a process where no side is taken. Why us at Aspire? The purpose of the mediation is to make sure that divorcing parties reach an amicable agreement that is acceptable to both sides. Unlike a legal case, where the relationship between parties is naturally adversarial, mediation provides an alternative where the purpose is a mutually acceptable outcome. Our mediators are skilled in arbitrating between parties in a divorce agreement. They are experienced in cases from the simple to the complex.


Confidentiality is our watchword at Aspire. We keep client information in the strictest confidence and you can be assured of our professional, yet friendly, service. Our FMA approved mediators are well qualified in their field, and experienced in different mediation procedures. We start our mediation sessions with an initial meeting with both parties that will establish whether mediation is suitable. After that, we will enter mediation meetings which can be arranged at your convenience. We will be happy to provide you with examples of our mediation services.

Fast appointments

With some mediation services you can be kept waiting for your first appointment, or for subsequent mediation meetings. At Aspire you will find that our meetings can be arranged at short notice, in most cases. Our aim is to make sure that you have a fast, convenient appointment.

Evening and weekend appointments

In the majority of our mediations at least one party is working, or has childcare commitments. We know how busy working, or otherwise committed, individuals can be. That is why at Aspire we offer an evening and weekend service. Whatever your working arrangements you can find that an Aspire mediator can normally see you at times that suit you.

Transparent prices

We will provide you with a full and accurate price list for our mediation, divorce and separation packages. Unlike other providers, there are no hidden costs with Aspire. We will not charge you for costs that we have not fully indicated to you in advance. There are no nasty surprises in terms of your bill and we offer a fully inclusive service.

The obvious choice

Divorce and separation can involve emotional burdens and stresses. At this time, you want a service that is quick, convenient and reasonable. We feel that Aspire is the obvious choice for couples undertaking a divorce. Why don’t you contact us today to find out about our services?