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The details of your case remain private, between you, your family and your mediator. Arrangements are agreed in the safety of the sessions and remain within those confines.

Why mediate in Northants?


No involved party has an advantage over the other in mediation. Both sides have to agree to undertake mediation as a solution, and the Aspire mediator is impartial in the process, favouring no one but a fair arrangement.

Decision Making

Mediation ends with a decision, one that both parties agree to. You do not need to say you’re happy until you are with mediation.


Mediation can be initiated by one party, but both need to be in agreement to proceed with both the process and the decision. This means you are in control throughout.Mediation has come to the fore in recent years, not least because it is a less costly and confrontational way of dealing with divorce and breakups than litigation, and can help resolve issues over assets, property and children in a more satisfactory manner.

Since April 2011, it has also been a requirement of some divorces that couples in Northampton attend a MIAM – or Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – to try and resolve their particular dispute before it goes to court.

If they want to proceed to a court hearing, they must obtain a Form FM1 from the mediator – who must be approved – to present to the court. As a result, mediation has become more widespread and seen as a proven alternative to costly court hearings and legal action over issues that can be agreed in a more amicable fashion.

The more relaxed atmosphere of mediation can be especially beneficial for resolving issues surrounding the highly emotional area of children – be it access arrangements between parents, or even grandparents.

Aspire Mediators are impartial and seek to find the most satisfactory agreed outcome for all, rather than siding with traditional preconceptions of families.

The fact that both parties need to be engaged to begin with and also need to agree to the final decision, mean that there is a higher chance of agreement and acceptance of the arrangements.

The reduced cost of mediation, compared to litigation, can also be a big factor when children are involved.

Similarly, if there are likely to be a number of assets involved in a separation, mediation can again provide a more balanced and impartial process than court hearings.

Both parties can leave with a sense that they were listened to and had every opportunity to participate, and that the decision was a mutual one, rather than something taken at a distance that they had no real involvement in, that leaves them feeling resentful towards the other party.

Aspire Family Mediators offer qualified and experienced mediators to help resolve your issues, in a manner that will leave you feeling satisfied with the outcome. Whether you are experiencing a relationship breakdown that involves children or assets, or are a grandparent who wants to retain contact with a much-loved grandchild, we can help.

We also offer mediation within family situations over land ownership, pension arrangements and debt issues, not just between partners who are separating but in more extended family circumstances.

If you are looking for experienced family mediation in the Northampton area, then you really should look no further than Aspire Family Mediators.

We are fully qualified and able to undertake MIAMS and complete Form F1 if mediation is not appropriate for your situation. We believe we can help you find a satisfactory solution for your difficult to resolve problems, be they straightforward relationship breakdowns, or more complicated with the involvement of children and assets.

Access arrangements, residency, maintenance and support agreements, allocation of property and debt, we can help you come to a suitable agreement on all these issues, leaving you in control throughout.

When me and my husband were getting divorced, the most important decision we had to take was that who gets the custody of our child and none of us were ready to back down. Needless to say, it was taking a toll on all 3 of us. We turned to Aspire Family Mediation Northampton for help and they gave us agreeable solution.
– Kelly - Northants
My dad suggested me to Aspire Northampton and quickly we started to get things moving again
– Richard - Daventry
My ex wanted ot move to Spain wit hour child and therefore mediation was needed before court.
– Gina - NorthanTS
We had a few rental houses which i was given by my Father so needed to agree the split of equity.
– Andy - NorthaNTS