Mediation information assessment meeting MIAMS

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting - MIAMS and forms for court

As we explain below, there are guidelines for Mediation Information Assessment Meeting – MIAMS and for completing the court application forms.

Aspire family mediation can provide expert guidance with both of these procedures and advise you on the best course of action which suits your needs.

We believe that we have the best mediation service available Mediation Information Assessment Meeting – MIAMS locally.

The Family mediation council considers that an appropriate mediation service should have training and expertise in family mediation.

We specialise in this service and our mediators are well qualified. It also considers that mediators should have an appreciation of ethnicity, culture to support people to resolve.

To attend a miam we make the process simple call us today and we can typically book you within a few days.

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting - MIAMS

Our accredited family mediators have experience of dealing with a range of clients from a diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and we run through the issues.

We also have transparent charging rates for our mediation service, which is also specified by the FMC.

What is a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting – MIAMS ?

Aspire family mediator take you details and run through a questionnaire as well as understanding your situation. At the end both family mediation and yourself should be happy to move forward to a joint meeting.

Court proceedings where both parties are in conflict, and where court costs can rapidly escalate, are not considered to be the best way to conduct divorce or separation proceedings.

The best way to proceed is to use reason, discussion and mutual agreement to reach a solution that benefits both parties, and of course the children of the parties.

MIAMS is a technical term that stands for Mediation Information and Assessment meetings which, in practice, refers to the mediation meetings which you will attend as part of the mediation process.

A legal requirement in April 2011 made it a condition that anyone who wanted to apply to a court for matters involving financial considerations or children had to attend a meeting with a mediator, covered as a MIAMS form of meeting.

Note that there are some exceptions to MIAMS such as when there is domestic violence involved, or when the application is particularly urgent.

What happens at a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting?

Our mediators are fully qualified to conduct MIAMS meetings which are recognised by the courts as being compliant with this requirement. Our mediators will make sure that meetings are conducted in a safe space and in an appropriate fashion. We will set up an initial meeting to make sure that you are happy with the mediation process before undertaking the actual mediation sessions.

Court application form for child and financial matters – Do i still need a MIAM?

Yes you cannot complete a court application without a assessment meeting miam by an accredited mediator.

In some cases, mediation may not commence. In such cases we can, at a small charge the mediator help you to complete part 2 of the FM1 form which is required for any court application. The charge will only apply if you are not eligible for legal aid. The form must be completed by the mediator and counter-signed by the client, or their appropriate family law Solicitor.

An exemption can be completed in the following circumstances:-

– Where the mediator is happy that mediation is not suitable because the other party in the dispute is not willing to attend a MIAM meeting.

– Where the mediator has decided, with good grounds, that the case is not suitable form a MIAM.

– The mediator has decided in the previous four months that the case is not suitable either for a MIAM or for other forms of mediation.