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There is no escaping the need to resolve issues concerning children, finances and property when you are a separating couple.

Legal advisors will often prioritise litigation and fighting for your rights to retain access and assets. This is obviously a choice that you need to make for yourself but we would like to suggest a more natural and logical way of reaching a settlement.

The method we specialise in is known as mediation. Mediation Bicester involves reaching a solution that you can both agree on facilitated by a trained negotiator who is known as a mediator.

Our mediators are certified, and have experience, in reaching agreements between couples on the major issues facing them after separation. Whatever the issue – whether it involves children, property, finances or grandparent’s rights – our mediators can help.

Mediation is a pre-requisite for thinking about legal action, but many couples decide that mediation solves their problems without undertaking further legal commitments.

In the first instance, our mediator will meet with both partners separately to consider whether mediation is really the right route for the couple.

They will then arrange a series of meetings, again mutually agreed by the couple, to discuss common concerns and areas of dispute. Working with the couple, they will then seek a resolution of these issues.

In most cases, a solution is arrived at that both parties agree on, and the mediator can then reach an agreement between the couple.

MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) are normally required by courts before legal proceedings can begin. In the absence of these meetings, you will need to get a miam certificate. We can provide you with advice on both of these requirements.

The benefits of mediation in Bicester include:-

As a separating couple, we understand that there will be many complex issues facing you. Property and other financial assets need to be considered.

Children and Grandparents will often have concerns. In particular, children like to be informed about what their parents are agreeing upon in terms of access. The benefit of mediation is that all of these factors are considered. Different members of the family, as well as property and asset considerations, can be brought into the discussion.

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