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Children at the heart of Mediation

Hemel Hempstead

We place children at the heart of the mediation process. If you are going through a divorce you will want to make sure that your children’s needs come first.

We explain to children what the mediation process involves and can offer them access to sources of support, if this is required.

During mediation we also take the time to explain to children what is happening, encouraging them to talk to their parents about the decisions that their parents are making.

Mediation is not counselling or therapy, but unlike a fraught court case, it can involve children from beginning to end.

In our experience, our service means that children feel more control over the process if they are told about mediation. Divorce inevitably causes children to reflect on their future, but by using our mediation services, children can feel like they are part of the decisions that are being made.

The costs of divorce are very high if you decide to progress through a legal route. Solicitors can not provide an accurate quotation which will cover all of their costs.

This is because they are trained to consider all of the legal aspects of a case.

They can not pre-judge whether there may be complexities to a case which were not considered at the start nor can they consider how long certain processes will take.

The way that solicitors work is to charge you for any advice, or additional services, that they provide.

If a solicitor provides you with advice, no matter how minor that advice is, they will charge you for that advice.

If a solicitor writes you a letter, makes a telephone call, or works on your case for a few minutes, they will charge you for that service.

Mediation enabled us to talk and sort out child arrangements
– Gary - Hemel Hempstead
Me and my wife decided to get separated but, our main concern was the future of our kids. With the help of Aspire Family Mediation we found out a common solution and now we are not only living separately but, future of our children is also secured.
– Doona - Kings Langley