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Family conflicts can arise for various reasons, from separation and divorce to inheritance disputes and co-parenting challenges. These conflicts can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and expensive, with the potential to negatively impact relationships among family members. If you are facing a family dispute, you may feel like there's no way out. However, with the help of Aspire Family Mediation, you can find a peaceful resolution and chart the way forward for your family. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of mediation, and how Aspire can help you achieve the best outcome. Our family mediators are here to help and guide you through your dispute. You might be able to access legal aid mediation see if you are applicable today.

Why Choose Aspire Oxford?

Mediation is a collaborative process facilitated by a trained mediator, aimed at helping families resolve disputes in a respectful and confidential environment. Rather than law courts where a judge makes the decisions, family mediation provides couples and families with a chance to come up with solutions that work for them. With over 10 years of experience in family mediation, our Oxford family mediators have seen first-hand the benefits of family mediation, which include:

Specialized Services provided by Aspire Family Mediation Oxford

All our mediators can offer dispute resolution on financial matters through to child access and more. Oxfordshire family mediators are here at Aspire to support you to a mutually beneficial result and with no need to go to court. From the initial meeting you will find communication with your ex partner can be better and more efficient. 

Our fully trained family mediators at Aspire Family Mediation in the Oxford area provide expert and specialized family mediation service – helping separating couples. These include:

1. Divorce and Separation Mediation

Divorce and separation can be traumatic and challenging for all family members involved. Our mediators ensure that both parties are heard and can come up with workable solutions and agreements on issues, ranging from property division to child custody and support.

2. Co-Parenting Mediation

Co-parenting mediation services help separating parents work together cooperatively for the best interests of their children. By co-developing a workable parenting plan and focusing on the children's' interests, the co-parenting process can improve relationships, and reduce stress and conflict for families.

3. Child-inclusive Mediation

Including the child's voice in the mediation process can help children feel heard and valued. Our mediators use age-appropriate methods such as Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) to gather evidence of the child's wishes and feelings, aiding in the creation of a parenting plan that accommodates their wishes and needs.

Needed help with pensions and finances
– Julia - Oxfordshire
Aspire Mediators Oxford were all experienced and supporting people who helped us find the best solutions for our children.
– Tim - OX4
Called and met with Aspire family mediation services in Oxofrd and our differences were resolved and now we regularly meet with each other.
– Mike - Oxfordshire