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December 24, 2020
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Prepare for Child Custody Mediation with Our Checklist

Be ready for your child custody mediation with our comprehensive checklist. Ensure a smooth process and fair resolution.
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Making the process easier

Child custody disputes are emotionally charged and stressful for both parents and children. However, mediation is a more peaceful way to resolve child custody conflicts outside of court. It is a process that allows parents to work with a neutral third-party mediator to reach an agreement on child custody that works best for everyone involved.

To ensure a smooth and productive mediation process, it is crucial to be well-prepared. Here is a comprehensive child custody mediation checklist to help you prepare for the process.

Review your parenting plan

A parenting plan outlines how you and your ex-partner will share custody and responsibility for your children. Review your plan, and be prepared to discuss any concerns or suggested modifications during mediation.

Gather important documents

Collect all important documents, including your child’s school records, medical records, and any legal documents related to your child’s custody.

Create a list of discussion topics

Make a list of topics that you would like to discuss during mediation, such as visitation schedules, holidays, and decision-making responsibilities.

Be prepared to discuss your child’s needs

Be ready to discuss your child’s current needs and how you plan to meet them in the future. This includes their education, extracurricular activities, and medical needs.

Consider your ex-partner’s perspective

Try to see things from your ex-partner’s point of view. This will help you understand their needs and make it easier to negotiate an agreement that works for both parties.

Advantages of Mediation

– It is less stressful than going to court

– Mediation is less expensive than litigation

– It provides an opportunity for both parties to reach a mutually beneficial agreement

– Mediation is a private and confidential process

– It allows parents to maintain control over the outcome, rather than leaving the decision to a judge

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Child custody mediation can be a less stressful and more productive alternative to resolving custody disputes in court. By following this comprehensive checklist, you can be well-prepared for the process and increase your chances of reaching a successful agreement.

If you need further assistance, contact Aspire Family Mediation, and we’ll be happy to help you through this challenging time.

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