The role of family Mediation Birmingham during a pandemic

May 27, 2022

The role of family Mediation Birmingham during a pandemic

We are living in unpredictable times, which makes the process of divorce and separation an even greater source of anxiety. In the end, however, the majority of spouses want the process to be peaceful, respectful, and focused on doing what is best for any children who may be involved in the family. At this juncture, I’d want to put in a request for a Birmingham Mediation session.

This week is Family Mediation Birmingham Week, an annual chance for mediators to raise awareness about a method that encourages and enables families to discover their own solutions in a constructive manner that is geared at sustaining co-parenting ties.

When things were “normal,” mediating conflicts would necessitate having face-to-face meetings:

To begin, commence individual sessions in order to:

  • Make certain that mediation is the appropriate course of action for all parties involved, and examine the situation for any potential safety issues;
  • Acquire an understanding of the problems at hand as well as the needs of the parties with regard to the mediator’s role in managing the conversations; and

After that, there will be joint sessions with the mediator, who will assist the parties in:

  • They devised their own schedule;
  • Pay attention to one another’s worries, and
  • Get your creative juices flowing and start thinking of different ways to organise everything.

The need of working together to find solutions is emphasised. Couples are more involved in solutions that they have achieved themselves, thus it stands to reason that these solutions will function better in the long run.

The topic of prenuptial agreements, single couples, co-parenting, or alternative family arrangements are all topics that might be brought up during the Mediation Birmingham process. Mediation is not just for couples who are going through a divorce. It is possible to utilise it right from the beginning with married couples who are contemplating divorce but have not yet made a final choice. A positive atmosphere is established during mediation, and it offers a forum in which to discuss topics such as how to break the news to children that their parents are divorcing.

The majority of households are now operating in a mode of survival, but Mediation Birmingham can provide couples who are having difficulty making ends meet the opportunity to think about and discuss their choices. It is a personalised procedure, which means that both spouses have control over the pace, and sessions may be arranged to accommodate work and childcare responsibilities.

Because of the epidemic, Mediation Birmingham has been driven online, which has its own unique set of difficulties and possibilities. We frequently use the phrase “remote mediation,” but this isn’t really the appropriate word, particularly in light of the fact that some couples mediate while still both living and working under the same roof.

To make sure that everyone is secure and feels comfortable with the procedure as well as the technology, it is clearly essential that the practicalities are covered right at the beginning. The job of the mediator is to make sure that both sides of an argument are heard and considered in a private setting. During the meetings, each party will be requested to take precautions to ensure that they cannot be overheard, especially by any children who may be present.

Over the course of the previous year, every family has created their own own set of distinctive coping skills, and the same can be said for online mediation. The mediators are thinking imaginatively about methods to help couples, such as holding the sessions early in the morning or late in the evening, after the children have gone to bed; or, if required, having one partner log on from the office or car to allow for some solitude. In addition, mediators pay a great deal more attention to what occurs between sessions, when the camera and audio have been turned off.

The process of mediating a dispute over the internet is not perfect, but for some people it is considerably less intimidating than physically travelling to a session. They are able to participate while lounging about in their pyjamas and sipping tea in the comfort of their own homes. People tend to be more courteous while using video calling software since it requires us to wait for the other person to finish their statement before “handing over” the “microphone.” My experience has shown that although online sessions are shorter in length to prevent “screen fatigue,” they can be more productive.

During the epidemic, co-mediation has gained significant traction as a treatment option. In this situation, there are two mediators working together to supervise the conversations. It is extremely helpful to have an additional set of eyes and ears to monitor and evaluate responses, as well as an additional set of hands to assist with the distribution of paperwork, scheduling, and the verification that all parties are on the same page (sometimes literally).

The mediator’s job is to moderate the conversations and devise a unique approach for each couple they work with. This sometimes necessitates the participation of additional specialists in their respective fields, such as:

  • Family therapists are able to assist in the improvement of communication and reflection;
  • It is possible to ask child-inclusive mediators to talk to children about their desires and emotions so that they may also have a say in the process (typically, this option is only available for children older than 10 years old);
  • Financial advisors are able to give information on the many choices for settling the dispute and ensure that all parties have a solid understanding of their respective financial situations.
  • It is possible to ask knowledgeable barristers or private judges for their opinions on the approach that a court would take toward certain areas of contention, which may be very helpful for breaking a deadlock;
  • It is also possible to ask the parties’ attorneys to participate in the talks in order to offer assistance for their respective clients.

Not every situation calls for the use of Mediation Birmingham as a resolution method. It is not at all suitable for any families that have a requirement for the “safety pathway” as was outlined in the most recent report from the Family Solutions Group. On the other hand, for other people it may be a convenient and speedy method that saves them money and enables them to make decisions that are beneficial for their family without having to leave the convenience of their own homes.

The process of Mediation Birmingham may be intimidating; it requires bravery and patience; but, it provides something that has been in limited supply throughout the course of the previous year: optimism and hope for the future.

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