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Helped us with child issues after our separation.
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Mediation MK the perfect choice

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When approaching mediation Milton Keynes a concern is often that the situation of the divorced or separated couple is too complex to be addressed through the process. Issues around children, property and the rights of grandparents can seem to be too problematic to solve through simple negotiation.

However, the beauty of mediation is its flexibility in dealing with a range of complex situations and mediators are experienced and qualified to deal with this for you both.

In terms of children, mediation keeps them involved in the process at every step. We discuss with parents whether it would be helpful for children to meet with Aspire Milton Keynes mediator before the process begins.

If this is the case, then we will arrange for a meeting where we can answer any concerns that the children have. This can actually help children to feel empowered, and come to terms with the results of the decisions made by their parents or guardians but remember the process is confidential.

Grandparents can also be informed and involved in the mediation process. Grandparents may be concerned that they will not see their grandchildren after a separation.

Aspire Family Mediation can support both grandparents and grandchildren.

Mediation is suitable for a wide range of financial and property decision. These may seem intractable at first, but a skilled mediator can help to unpick some of the key issues and help you to decide upon a sensible course of action.

Mediation involves a full disclosure between parties of income and expenditure, as well as any assets or debts which may exist. This openness provides a setting where sensible decisions concerning the allocation of resources, such as the family home, can be made.

Mediation Milton Keynes the sensible decision after divorce or separation.

In the unfortunate situation of divorce or separation people often turn to solicitors in the first instance.

However, what initially appears to be a quick solution can often turn into a series of unanticipated problems. Legal costs can be extremely high, and reduce the value of a divorce settlement once they are deducted.

Using solicitors can also be a time consuming process. Some separated couples find that using solicitors can make the process more adversarial and cause unintended stress and worry for all parties, including children.

As a first step in divorce and separation, it is beneficial to consider Aspire family mediation Milton Keynes.

Even if you are considering instructing solicitors, mediation is often a necessary pre-requisite.

Aspire mediator is accredited and trained professional who can negotiate with both parties, and with children and other members of the family if required, to reach an amicable solution between you and your partner on financial, and other, matters.

Mediation will involve an initial meeting with each party to make sure that it is a suitable route to follow. If this is the case then the mediator will arrange a series of sessions which are designed to help you to discuss issues such as finance and child custody.

The sessions are constructed around your needs and requirements. At the end of mediation it is expected that you will be able to reach a mutually agreed solution to these issues.

However, you can decide to withdraw from mediation at any time.

Even if you are thinking of applying to court for divorce or separation issues that involve children or financial matters MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment meetings) are now a formal requirement.

If mediation is not suitable for any reason then we can help you to complete the FM1 form which is required for an application to court. However, this is only valid in very specific circumstances and you should always contact us first to consider mediation as an option.

The benefits of family mediation in Milton Keynes –

Aspire Family Mediation will charge an affordable fee for their services. There was not even a single instant when I felt that I am paying too much. But now I am happy that it was all worth it.
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