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At Aspire Mediation (Part of the AMS Mediation Services Group –  trading as Amity Mediation), we strive for excellence in service delivery and hope you never have cause for dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, we recognise that occasionally issues may arise. Should you find any aspect of our service unsatisfactory, we encourage you to inform us promptly so we can rectify the situation.

Below is an outline of our internal Complaints Procedure, providing clarity on the steps to follow should you need to lodge a complaint:

Handling of Complaints

1. Initially, all complaints—whether written, telephonic, or in-person—are addressed by the mediator involved.

Time Constraints

Complaints must pertain to violations of The Family Mediation Council’s codes of practice or standards framework Part 5 and must have occurred within the last three months before the written complaint submission date. If the complaint concerns the overall conduct of a mediation, the three-month period begins from the final mediation session date.

Complaint Acknowledgement

We will acknowledge receipt of your written complaint within no more than 10 working days.

The other mediation party will be notified that a complaint has been lodged and that the complaints procedure is underway.

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internal resolution process

Internal Resolution Process

Your mediator, with assistance from their supervisor/PPC, will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 10 working days following the acknowledgement period.

Should resolution be unattainable within this time frame, the issue will escalate to the Company Director, Kerry Dover. The Director aims to settle your complaint within an additional 10 working days (totalling 30 working days from the complaint receipt date). If the Director requires more time, you will be informed in writing, with reasons provided for the delay.

Upon escalation, the mediator subject to the complaint will furnish the Director with their case file and a concise report on the complaint.

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External Resolution by the Family Mediation Standard Board

If resolution remains elusive under the Company Director’s purview, the complaint will advance to the Family Mediation Standards Board, provided it alleges breaches of FMC professional standards.

Appeals Process

The complaints procedure incorporates the possibility of appealing the FMSB complaints panel’s verdict. Appeals can be lodged on the grounds of:

i. Overlooked or insufficiently weighted relevant evidence by the FMSB complaints panel.

ii. Non-adherence to the proper process by the FMSB complaints panel.

iii. Disproportionate disciplinary action relative to the misconduct’s severity.

iv. Disciplinary action by the appeals panel if an appeal overturns an initial complaint rejection.

v. Disciplinary reconsideration by the Appeals Panel following an appeal against a disciplinary decision.

vi. The Appeals Panel’s decision may affirm or differ from the Complaints Panel’s determination.

*Note: ‘Working Days’ exclude Bank Holidays and span Monday to Friday.

Kerry Dover
Director, Aspire Mediation  (Part of the AMS Mediation Services Group –  trading as Amity Mediation)

We trust that through transparent and sincere communication, any issues can be resolved to your complete satisfaction.

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