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When it comes to marriage dissolution, communication is usually broken long before couples make the decision.
Our mediation service becomes a neutral third party that can help families iron out disputes regarding their divorce for a fast agreement.

In most cases, each of the spouses has his or her lawyer who meets with a legal representative on the other side to discuss the difficult points such as upkeep, division of property, and child custody, among other areas.

Everybody who is going through divorce proceedings should consider hiring Family Mediation Coventry mediators.

It comes with various benefits that include the following:

Low Cost

Our service in Warwickshire is cheaper than a lengthy trial. There are few arrangements for sessions and low lawyer fees where lawyers are involved.

This lowers the financial drain that is commonly experienced in such proceedings in Coventry.

Fast Completion of a Settlement

Many court divorce cases drag for a long period. However, in the case of mediation service, it is easy to identify and come up with a settlement of all the issues regarding the separation as fast as possible. In most cases, couples are usually able to settle all the issues, including property management, financial support and child support.

Details are Confidential

The details of the discussions in your Warwickshire mediation sessions are not made public like court proceedings. There is no public record that can be looked at by other parties during the divorce proceedings and in the future. The process is safe for each party.

You Make Your Decision

The mediator does not decide on behalf of any of the spouses. The mediator simply leads families through the separation discussion. However, you make your decision based on your understanding and assistance given.

Therefore, rather than have decisions imposed in the case of the courts, you make your decisions in a fair, enabling environment. This can improve future interactions.

The mediator will guide you through the legal principles in settlement of various disputes, especially the difficult matters.

However, you are not under pressure to follow some impersonal legal principles. Finally, you and the wife can control the process and make arrangements that fit your schedules until an agreement is reached.

People come to us with many different types of problem. It may be that communication with your partner has inevitably broken down, or it may be that you still maintain lines of communication.

It may be that you have young children, or older teenagers. It may be that the children have a good relationship with concerned grandparents.

It may be that you have complicated financial circumstances.

Whatever your personal position, we have the experience to help you to achieve a mediation that can suit all of your needs.

We can even include children and grandparents in discussions around the mediation process.

We could not agree around the house here in Coventry and the home in Spain so we needed mediation. worked well.
– Lewis - Coventry
Although me and my wife were going through a divorce and things were stressful, I couldn’t have hoped for smoother proceedings without Aspire’s help.
– Nasir - Warwick
I was really concerned about the matters related to children custody but the mediators of Aspire Family Mediation were able to resolve it effectively. I would recommend them for all.
- Colin - Coventry

Legal battles in a divorce involve a lot of technical language and terms that are hard for the layman to understand. Inevitably, the legal process is complex and can result in long battles between legal teams. The jargon involved can be very alienating and result in a loss of understanding as the divorce continues.

Often people report that if they had known what using lawyers involved that they would never have started with the divorce process. We could say that a legal route to divorce is complicated and obscure. This is not the intention of solicitors, but we have found this to the case in our experience.

On the other hand, mediation is a very transparent process. At the start of mediation, clients attend a number of initial mediation information meetings that spell out the process to them.